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Photo Gallery

Ellowyne & Prudence wearing Karen's creations Ellowyne & Prudence wearing Karen's creations Rose Ellowyne as Bo Peep My very favorite Ellowyne fashion made by Karen. So soft, sweet, lovely, & just as lovely as it gets. 149085658 Wilde Rose took her hair down. Karen's amazingly beautiful creation. 149085659 Woe & Whipped Cream as Little Bo Peep This darling girl is wearing the complete ensemble. She can't find her sheep!! 149085660 Aaaaawe! She found them! Isn't the headband gorgeous?! 149085661 Relaxing wuith her little darlings. Karen's attention to every tiny detail is part of her extreme talent. 149085662 Prudence showing off this fashion, It is absolutely divine!! 149085663 Isn't Pru's hair looking soft, shiny, & pretty! 149085665 I ove the beret's color. It happens to fit perfectly 149085666 Sweetness galore!! Impeccably made. 149085667 Pru looks stunningly lovely (my humble opinion) The silk ribbon embroidary is extraordinary. 149085668 Pretty brown sweater by Karen. I always get so many compliments when i post this pictue. The sweet sweater is part of an extensive ensemble for Ellowyne to apple picking! 149085669 sweet tops & cool-lots. Well-made by Karen So many pretty colors. 149085670 As-Lovely-as-gets!! Exceptionally pretty!! 149085671 149085672 149085673 149085674 149085675 149085676 149085677 149085678 149085679 149085680 149085681 149085682 149085683 149085684 149085685 149085686 149085687 149085688 149085689 149085690 149085691 149085692 149085694 149085695 149085696 149085697 149085698 149085699 149085700 149085701 149085702